Creating media and data solutions
for retailers and brands

Brick Retail Exchange (BRX) offers a complete buying and selling experience for retailers and brands to target their shoppers

To create unique data collection touch points and shopper communication pathways for retailers and brands

To empower consumers by organizing data and digital media from shoppers, retailers, and brands

Buy media

We are brick and mortar experts with a strong background and knowledge of digital media

Sell media

BRX is a self-serve platform designed to sell brand and co-op digital messages on your properties.

We make buying
and selling digital media simple

Brick Retail Exchange is a complete solution for online advertising exchange designed for brick and mortar retailers who aim to drive foot and web traffic to their storefronts.

BRX vertical ad exchange is built for the brick and mortar industry. In an effort to make digital media simple for retailers, BRX answers with simple solutions for complex marketing and merchandising efforts.

BRX leverages big data, historical shopping activities, digital media usage, in-store behavior, user preferences to identify in-market behavior and buying patterns to most efficiently target time to buy with buying interest to create a compelling value for all brick and mortar retail marketing and merchandising programs.

The results for BRX users is full media transparency, maximize revenue and ad spend, find new sources of demand for your market, quality advertising control, and more.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful!

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick now!